Terms and Conditions

At karm-a-touch we encourage parents to be involved in their child’s learning as much as they can and most of all – have lots of fun. We provide a variety of fun, hands on activities for you and your child to explore together and learn how to make progress.

Parents/Carers are solely responsible for their child/children at all times during karm-a-touch classes; for example, although care is taken to ensure materials used are non-toxic, parents/carers should take sensible precautions to ensure that materials aren’t ingested.

Please be aware that some activities involve materials which can become slippery so extra care must be taken.

Please wear old clothes that you and your child are comfortable to move about in and would not be worried about getting wet or marked. Karm-a-touch takes no responsibility for clothes which are stained, marked, or damaged.

Refunds cannot be made or are at the discretion of the class teacher.